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Medicare as we know it is under attack. 

Current efforts and proposals will privatize Medicare and increase costs.  

Against the wishes of most Americans, some lawmakers want to cut Medicare benefits, driving up costs to you, and making health care and prescription drugs even less affordable. 

They ignore simple fixes that would strengthen the program. Many are working to divide up Medicare into limited private insurance plans. Some want to raise the age of eligibility, which would lead to higher costs for those who are eligible. Some even want to completely transform Medicare from a program with clearly defined benefits to a "voucher" program with set contributions which would not be enough to pay for most people's care. This would end the Medicare program as we know it.  

Today, 59 million older people and people with disabilities have health care because of Medicare. Most Americans say Medicare works well. If Medicare is in jeopardy, these people's lives are in jeopardy. 

In 1995 Newt Gingrich predicted that privatization efforts would lead Medicare to "wither on the vine." He said it was unwise to get rid of Medicare right away, but envisioned a time when it would no longer exist because beneficiaries would move to private insurance plans.

That's what's happening right now in Congress, and it is not just by chance. Recent tax cuts for the highest earners have created a federal budget deficit of over 1.5 trillion dollars.  Having just created this extraordinary deficit, some lawmakers are now calling for cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and other valuable programs, to solve this unnecessary, manufactured financial "crisis."

Medicare has met the needs of individual families for over 50 years while also helping to unite our national family. Medicare has helped pull families out of poverty, kept them well, and advanced health care innovations that benefit all Americans. Don’t let this national treasure unravel.

We need to improve Medicare, not cut it.  Let's renew it and strengthen it for generations to come. 

Protect Medicare. Don’t make America sick again.