Today, 59 million older people and people with disabilities have health care because of Medicare. It relieves families of worry and enhances their quality of life, peace-of-mind, health and economic security. 

Many people on Medicare live with health problems including multiple chronic conditions, cognitive impairments, and limitations in their activities of daily living, and many beneficiaries live on modest incomes. 

If Medicare is in jeopardy, these people's lives are in jeopardy. Here are the voices of just a few of the millions of Americans who depend on Medicare.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy delivers Medicare stories directly to elected officials. Your stories can directly influence the policymakers who will determine the future of Medicare.


“Privatized Medicare to seniors that are already on a fixed income would be a disaster for senior citizens who are already having to choose between food and medical care and prescriptions.”
—P.M., Medicare Beneficiary, Pennsylvania

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“Medicare covered all the medical bills when my husband fought pancreatic cancer. We could never have afforded the medicines and medical care he required. Thank God for Medicare."

—P.L.D., Medicare Beneficiary, NY


“I had NO medical insurance until I turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare. Since then I have had several expensive medical problems, plus chronic glaucoma. Without Medicare, I don't know how I would have been able to get the care I needed.”

—J.S., Medicare Beneficiary, California

“I will be on the streets at 66 yrs old without Medicare/Medicaid. Its as simple as that. My money has all gone raising 3 granddaughters after their mother died. There are millions of stories like mine everywhere. We must help the least of us that had bad luck or are sick etc.”
—J.D., Medicare Beneficiary, Michigan

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“Without Medicare, we would have probably spent our life’s savings, lost our house and become among the elderly poor needing public benefits for food and shelter. Medicare has made it possible for us to maintain our independence and our way of life into our retirement years. Thank you”
—S.G., Medicare Beneficiary, Oregon