Poll: Most Americans View Medicare as a Very Important Program

From the Kaiser Family Foundation

More than three-quarters (77 percent) say Medicare is a very important program, ranking just below Social Security (83 percent) and similar to the shares who say federal aid to public schools (75 percent), and the defense and military (73 percent) are very important. Surveys dating back to 1999 have found that similar shares over time express the importance of Medicare as government programs.

Although these programs are popular with large segments of the public, as large government-financed programs, this survey finds some partisan divisions in views about Medicare. About seven in ten Republicans and independents and about nine in ten Democrats say the Medicare program is very important. Among people ages 65 and older, virtually all of whom are covered by Medicare, support is broad across party lines, with 85 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of independents, and 92 percent of Democrats saying the program is very important. 

Sacha Evans